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William N. Mwangi and Lucas Waweru


The overall objective of this study was to study the role of transport in supply chain management at Safaricom limited. The population of the study consisted of all Safaricom employee with the sampling framework comprising of 53 staff of supply chain department. The study was descriptive in nature both primary and secondary data collection method were used. Primary data was collected from a sample of 32 stratified randomly selected employees from Safaricom company limited department of purchasing and supply department. The study major findings were; Majority of 87 % of respondents indicated that cost of transport affected the supply chain to a great extent; they further noted that transport cost deviated significantly from the budget expenditure on transport. Majority of (40 percent) reported that deliveries were delayed by one day, 27 percent indicated that deliveries had a few hours delay while only a small minority of 13 percent of respondents indicated that deliveries delayed always. Respondents confirmed that timeliness of transport affected quality of goods and services to a very great extent (53%). The study majority of respondents reported that transport in the company was somewhat reliable and reliable respectively a strong contradiction was noted where 63 % respondents reported that reliability of transport instruments affected the supply chain very much.

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