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Upendo W. Mmari

Institute of Rural Development Planning, Tanzania

Sinda H. Sinda

Dodoma University, Tanzania

George F. Kinyashi

Institute of Rural Development Planning, Tanzania


In the recent past, various development agencies and governments in many developing countries have been upholding social accountability as a means for improving social services delivery. Nevertheless, effectiveness of social accountability mechanisms differs across regions. This paper presents an analysis of Community Management Committee (CMC) as one of the mechanisms used to ensure social accountability in service delivery in Tanzania. It mainly uses qualitative approach to explain the effect of power relations between development agency, CMC and the community on accountability and quality of the delivered services. The results show that the power play between the agency and CMCs has affected the nature of the CMCs, such that both the CMCs and the community have failed to hold the agency accountable. It is concluded that though services were delivered, the value for money of the delivered service has been compromised due to the fact that the agency has not been held accountable.

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