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Sri Rintu Saikia

Center for Management Studies/Dibrugarh University, India


Historically, education has been a determining factor of the progress of human civilization. The modern world is using education increasingly as an instrument for all round development. Education shapes the destiny of a nation. The quality of manpower in any country ultimately determines the sustainable well-being of its people. Creation of social opportunities for all sections of the society is a reflection of the progress of that society and education is the principal instrument for developing human capabilities by the up-liftment of knowledge and individual skills. Education, specially higher education not only improves the skill of students and make them employable, but it develops the whole personality of the individual if more outreach programs are introduced, offering wider knowledge. What are the skills expected by the employers of the graduate workforce? What competencies is 'Quality Education' capable of fostering in its products. What are the skills required for making the graduates employable? Is there a need for a continuous up-gradation of the curriculum in order to introduce the latest developments relating to various developments in the disciplines? What are the actual needs to be stressed such that education helps to create graduates who aim for near perfection pushing the existing limits of attainment in every sphere and develops their intellectual capital which is valued in the society? Education, as a liberating force, fosters growth, social equality and technological progress. So keen observation of every minute detail about University functioning and University operation, making necessary amendments and adjustments for suiting the needs of the modern time should largely be highlighted and planned by the Government and University authorities. This study tries to give a brief introduction for introducing the well established industrial management techniques in Higher Education.

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