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Ambrose Kamanda

Msc. Procurement and Logistics,

Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture &Technology



Dr. David Kiarie Mburu


Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology


CITATION: Kamanda, A. & Mburu, D., K. (2016). Effects Of Supply Chain Agility On Management Of Supply Chain Operations In Government Medical Supply Agency: A Case Of Kenya Medical Supplies Authority. International Journal of Human Resources and Procurement. Vol. 5(10) pp 604-654.


Supply chain agility is the ability of the supply chain partner organizations to adapt quickly with the rapid and speedily changes in business environments, It requires an appropriate blending of coordination, communication and speed in procurement, inventory, assembly and delivery of products and services is the fundamental tool for the management of supply chain operations needed for survival in turbulent markets, where environmental forces create additional uncertainty and technological advancement in manufacturing creates competitiveness and rivalry in the market resulting in higher requirement for management of supply chain operations.The Kenya Medical Supplies Authority(KEMSA) is a state corporation established (under the cap 466 of the laws of Kenya through legal notices No.17 of 11th February 2000) with the mandate to procure, warehouse and distribute medical commodities to all public health facilities in Kenya. KEMSA has not been successful in its key functions of purchasing, storage and distribution of drugs and related supplies owing to poor practices currently employed in its procurement and supply department. KEMSA have long recognized that a sound management of supply chain operations is critical if they are to achieve the continuous availability of public health commodities at health facilities. Profound weaknesses, generally found across all systems, include the inadequate availability of recording and LMIS tools, poor quality of records and reports, inadequate logistics training, and stock levels outside the established minimum and maximum levels for several commodities. Poor management of supply chain operations lead to poor inventory control at the service delivery point level, poor reporting for reproductive health commodities, and high wastage rates for vaccines. This study soughed to determine the effect of supply chain agility on the management of supply chain operations in Government Medical Supply Agency. The target population of this study constituted 110 of senior and middle supply chain and operation staff of KEMSA. The selection comprised the six operation departments in KEMSA staff working in the Procurement and Supply, Distribution Functions, Technical Advisory, Quality Assurance, Warehousing Function and Finance Department. on the regression analysis technological advancement, competitiveness, consumer preference and environmental uncertainty can only explain 71.4% of the variations supply chain operations management at KEMSA. This implies that 28.6% of variations in the operations management is linked to other factors. A study is therefore required to establish the additional factors and their level of effect on agility in supply chain management operations at KEMSA These findings further clearly show that when all the independent variables are at zero, a unit increase in environmental uncertainty affects the operations management by 0.544; a unit increase in technological advancement affects the operations management by 0.138; a unit increase in consumer preferences affects the operations management of KEMSA by 0.334 and finally, a unit increase in competitiveness affects the KEMSA operations management by 0.132.Essentially, environmental uncertainty bear the highest effect on operations management,

Key Terms: Information Systems, Environmental Uncertainty, Supply Chain Agility, Supply Chain Management


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