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Kiche Sylvestre Comlan

Psycho-Spiritual Institute,

Nairobi, Kenya.

Corresponding Author email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Rev. Fr. Dr. CosmasKagwe

Psycho-Spiritual Institute,

Nairobi, Kenya.


Sr. Dr. Ingrid Vorner

Psycho-Spiritual Institute,

Nairobi, Kenya.


CITATION: Comlan, K., S., Kagwe, C., Vorner, I. (2016). Integrating Family Tree into Psycho-Spiritual Counseling Among the Parishioners of Regina Caeli Church, Karen-Nairobi. International Journal of Arts and Entrepreneurship. Vol. 5(11) pp 34-57.




This study aimed at analyzing the integration of the family tree into psycho-spiritual counseling among the parishioners of Regina Caeli parish of Nairobi. The study objectives were to: examine the importance of family tree in psycho-spiritual counselling in relation to behavior, to explore the impact of the family tree in the spirituality of people, and to examine the awareness ‘effects of the family tree’s impact on behavior and spirituality. This study used interview guide which were responded by 2 CMA and 2 CWA and some members of their families. From the analysis of the data, the following were the findings: the family tree shapes the behavior and spirituality of people so much so that to understand a client and assist him/her efficiently, the psycho-spiritual counselor has to dig into the family background of the person in order to find out his/her psycho-spiritual and cultural development. The research also revealed that the lack of awareness of the impact, even subtle, of the family tree’s effects on the behavior and spirituality of people is the cause of many sufferings, misunderstandings, and conflicts. That is why the psycho-spiritual counselor should assist the client to become aware of the impact of the family tree’s effects in his/her life, since that awareness is already the beginning of the healing that will lead to the wholeness, the wellness, and the integration of the client. The study established the following recommendations: Family tree should be integrated into psycho-spiritual counseling as a tool of investigation of the real causes of the issues of the client. The study also concluded that African psycho-spiritual counselors working in Africa have to act as Africans; they need to study African cultures in general to be able to understand the clients “behavior or spirituality”. The clients have to be helped to draw their genogram which show the relationships and patterns of their families. To be able to assist the clients, the psycho-spiritual counselor has to draw his/her own family genogram in order to know better about himself/herself.

Keywords: Family tree, Psycho-spiritual counseling, Spirituality of people, Behaviour


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