Emma Kithinji

Jomo Kenyatta University of Technology and Agriculture

CITATION: Kithinji., E. (2016). The Effect of Social Media on Service Delivery in Parastatals in Kenya. International Journal of Arts and Entrepreneurship. Vol 5, (1) Pp. 97- 110.


The use of social media network sites in organizations is wide and cannot be avoided. Social media network sites have come with the current generation and affected the way of operating in various organizations to reach and engage customers, communicate and market their products.The importance of social media in enhancing positive relationships between customers and business cannot be gainsaid. This is because they offer new and innovative ways to communicate and network via the internet. Presently, there are various platforms provided by the social media networks such as Facebook, Google plus, LinkedIn, YouTube, Skype, mysite, whatsApp and Twitter in the strategic marketing of products and services for the parastatals. As such, social media networking has become an effective form of marketing which has raised the brand awareness, brand loyalty, customer services and has led to increase in sales and enhance service delivery to the customers. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of social media in service delivery in parastatals. The study adopted desk based methodology. Specifically, the paper identified documentary evidence in the form of already completed studies that focused on influence of social media on service delivery, performance and the most commonly used means of social media. The findings indicated that the social media platform is designed to boost the sales of a company’s product and services. Social media is also used as part of an integrated communication tool designed for any marketing communications strategy. This means that social media is a phenomenal crisis communication strategy, this is social networking enables organizations to increase their brand awareness and facilitate direct feedback from their customers hence the company becomes aware of what satisfy their customers better.Social media can persuade the customers to fall in love with the conversations about a firm’s brand which further boosts the competitiveness of a company’s product and services. Social media is a communication function that seeks to build good relationships with the consumers and organizations thus most organizations are investing in social marketing strategy so as to gain competitive advantage.

Keywords: Social Media, Social Network Sites, Service Delivery, Parastatals



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